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Brent Anderson -


After starting his career doing self-published and amateur comics in the mid-70s, acclaimed illustrator Brent Anderson, rose to fame working on many of comics most famous characters such as Ka-Zar, the X-Men, Somerset Holmes, Superman, Batman, Gen13, the Avengers and Rising Stars. Currently, his work is a fan favorite on the highly acclaimed Astro City title with writer Kurt Busiek.

Integrated Web Solutions began working with Brent Anderson in the summer of 2004 to create a web site for him to show off his unpublished work and as a vehicle for selling his original artwork. "I hope my fans get some of the same experience on my web site as when they find me at comic book conventions and shows", said Brent.

After establishing the domain name and hosting services through IWS Hosting, IWS began working closely with Brent Anderson to develop the design of the web site. IWS utilized new artwork created by Brent specifically for his site. Once the design was complete, IWS leveraged their industry knowledge to build out galleries to show Brent's artwork allowing the user to enlarge an image in order to see the detail of a painting or drawing. IWS also incorporated a private FTP function so that Brent could use the web site to deliver artwork to colorists and publishers.

"I really like the design and some of the animated nuances IWS added into my art made the homepage classy as all-get-out" said Brent.

Brent Anderson's web site has received nearly 1,600 visitors within it's first six months of operation.