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Chicago Liquidators -


Chicago Liquidators is an auction service that uses multiple online resources for selling unwanted goods. By marketing to the end user, Chicago Liquidators has maximized value for the sellers, which cannot be achieved in a typical local auction sale. "Our goal has been to ensure that all of the goods we sell are properly listed so that our sellers receive the best value from the online marketplace," said Chris Matsakis, president of Chicago Liquidators. "On top of that, our services are turn key in nature, in that we provide packaging, shipping, payment processing and all of the associated customer service involved in the sale of the goods. And we do it all with no upfront fees."

Chris approached Integrated Web Solutions for web site buildout and development services. "I had a great designer that worked with us for the overall corporate identity and even for the homepage design but since I knew IWS' strength in development, I knew they could get the buildout done faster and cheaper than we would be able to ourselves," said Matsakis.

Using files and content provided by Chicago liquidators, Integrated Web Solutions established web site hosting through it's subsidiary, IWS Hosting and built out the new site in a matter of days.

"We've grown substantially in a very short period of time now and we expect that growth to accelerate even more in the coming months. Having IWS backing us up on our web site needs certainly removes a lot of worries," said Chris.