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Dr. Clarence Trausch -


Dr. Clarence Phillip Trausch, a former Divine Word Missionary monk of eight years, a motivational psychologist, and a university professor, conducted and published his dissertation research in the area of meditation, self-actualization, and intuition. His research demonstrates a statistically significant relationship between extrasensory perception, and self-actualized qualities resulting from long-term meditation practice.

For two decades Dr. Trausch has taught and practiced Gestalt Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Body/Mind Medicine principles, and applied metaphysics. He is the founder of Clarion Consulting Services, through which he and his team consults with business executives, government, and other key individuals.

A sought-after keynote speaker, Empowerment workshop leader, and Life Coach, Clarence P. Trausch, Ed.D. C.C.H. is co-author of Don't Blame The Game, an inspirational and motivational account chronicling the tragedy-to-triumph life-journey of Michael Schwass, who primarily through the application of his motivational principles and techniques, became the first quadriplegic ever to stand and walk.

Dr. Trausch contacted Integrated Web Solutions in September of 2004 to design and develop a web site for promoting his new book project as well as to promote his keynote speaking. "I really was impressed with the look and feel of the site IWS had designed for my co-author Michael Schwass. It didn't take long after talking with IWS for me to learn that they could help me pull together a number of things I do and make a unified presence for all of those things. That was the web site I wanted and IWS worked with me throughout the project to ensure it was what I was getting," said Dr. Trausch.

Site content was quickly written and edited by Dr. Trausch, including some excerpts from the new book, and extensive information about Dr. Trausch's speaking engagements and his Mind/Body Medicine Program. "Even as the site was still under construction I was getting contacts and feedback from associates," said Trausch. "We're really looking forward to the launch of the book."