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Ink Stop Inc.


Ink Stop Inc. was founded in 2004 by Phil Cole as a locally focused supplier of printing supplies such as ink and toner. Ink Stop remanufactures printer cartridges to like-new condition and refills the ink or toner to OEM specifications. "Our goal is to provide the highest quality printing supplies at prices up to 70% lower than the competition," said Cole. "Our customers are our number one priority. If we don't provide them with great service and unwavering commitment, we'll lose them so we work hard to make sure they get great products, great results and great pricing every time.

Phil approached IWS in the fall of 2004 with the goal of producing a database-driven cartridge lookup wherein users could type in either their cartridge number or select their printer model and know exactly what cartridge they needed. "Here again, it was important to make the process simple for our customers. We wanted them to be able to do this sort of look-up online within seconds rather than carry a cartridge to an office supply store and find a match," said Cole.

Expanding on a corporate identity that had recently been created for Ink Stop, IWS went to work building out the main components of the new site including the cartridge look-up. "Luckily, Phil knows this business and this industry quite well. He was able to provide a tremendous amount of data to us and all we really had a do was build out the application. The application isn't the strong point of the web site; all it has to do is work. The data is what makes the tool so effective," said Rick Keith, IWS Development Manager.

"IWS was really able to help me launch my business. They have been great resources for me as I continue to plan my own business strategies as it relates to the Internet. They never try to oversell you on anything and they continually back up what they say they are going to provide," said Cole.