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Charlie Mayer Photography -


As one of Chicago's premier architectural photographers, Charlie Mayer had developed an outstanding portfolio and an impressive client roster.

"What I didn't yet have was the impressive web site," said Charlie. "I always had an idea of what I liked about the web and what I didn't like. But in general, I wanted my site to be very simple and show my work as well as it could."

Integrated Web Solutions began working with Charlie Mayer in the March of 2005 to create a portfolio web site that would show Charlie's best work in architectural interiors, exteriors, his retail work and his rarely seen personal photography.

After establishing the domain name and hosting services through IWS Hosting, IWS creative director, John Schwarberg began working closely with Charlie to develop the design of the web site. "The design of the site itself was very straightforward. We agreed from the get-go that nothing should interfere or distract from the photography itself. The photos were supposed to be the center of attention. However, I was intimidated. If you've not seen Charlie's work, the crispness and detail is amazing. So, while the web does a great job of showing off Charlie's color and composition, I knew we had to find some new techniques to come close to what Charlie's work looks like in print," said Schwarberg.

Once the design was complete, IWS worked with Charlie to create multiple galleries for his photography. IWS also incorporated a private FTP function so that Charlie could use the web site to deliver proofs to his customers.

"The web site looks great and is exactly what I was hoping to get. Although I've only been using the FTP tool recently, I'm pretty surprised how much easier it's making my client communications now," said Charlie.