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The Selfhelp Home is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1950 to serve the residential and health care needs of the Jewish elderly in the Chicago area. Selfhelp's charter incorporates the needs of the elderly Jewish population at large. The Home and Organization provide a continuum of care including attractive studio and one bedroom residential apartments for independent living; assisted living; intermediate and skilled nursing care. The home provides on-going cultural activities, educational events and excellent kosher food in a caring environment.

Integrated Web Solutions was first contacted by Selfhelp Home Vice President M. Jay Heilbrunn in 2006. "The web site that we had, in general, was fine. However, we hadn't had the ability to update the site as regularly sa we had hoped so it had fallen into disuse. Further, we had been having a great deal of internal discussions of ways we felt we could better serve and meet our own goals and it was becoming increasingly clear that in order to meet those new objectives, we needed the web site to be an integral part of that," said Heilbrunn. "Having worked with IWS in the past, I knew there would be a good fit in terms of their ability to make good suggestions, work within our budget and provide the expertise necessary to be a good partner for our immediate needs at the time as well as our future needs as they arose and evolved."

The first actions Integrated Web Solutions performed was to retool the site navigation. In many cases, there were sections of the site that needed more prominence and in other cases, some sections needed to be removed entirely. More importantly, the coding that had been in place with the pre-existing navigation was proving to be unreliable in many cases on new web browsers such as Safari and Firefox. IWS also set-up a Calendar of Events that would live on the homepage which was now the focal point of the site as it promotes the on-going activities that are key to the Home. Over the past few years, IWS has provided ongoing maintenance and support services for Selfhelp Home staff and administrators allowing them to focus on their jobs without having to learn the detail of web site administration.

"Integrated Web Solutions' now acts as a go-to resource for us," said Marvin Rubin, Selfhelp Home's Director of Administrative Services. "they answer our questions, they provide us recommendations and they allow us to focus on our organization and the messages we deliver without having to be bogged down in the mechanics of the web site."