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DeWitt Place offers Chicago corporate housing and temporary furnished apartment rentals for short-term, intermediate and long term temporary housing solutions. Whether their clients are looking for short term housing or extended stay for business or vacation, they offer a combination of exceptional service and affordable prices which has made them a leader in Chicago corporate and leisure housing.

Integrated Web Solutions was approached by DeWitt Place in 2005. The client had established a design for the web site with a graphic designer who specialized primarily in print design and was looking to get the look and feel that had been established translated to the web in a very quick manner. IWS began work immediately by working with DeWitt Place to retrieve their domain registration which had been done years prior but pertinent info had been lost.

"We see domain name issues such as Dewitt Place had quite frequently wherein the client (or a vendor of theirs) had registered a domain name that they liked but they had never gotten around to doing anything with it. Sometimes the process to retrieve that information can be quite tedious but it's always doable and if the domain name is a good one, it's always worthwhile," said Integrated Web Solutions President, John Schwarberg.

"DeWitt Place is an absolutely gorgeous building in one of Chicago's most prestigious and prominent neighborhoods. The design that had been created using a great deal of photography to showcase just that. Ultimately, we were brought in to make that design come to life and get it running as quickly as possible," said Schwarberg.

The DeWitt Place web site was developed and finalized in six days and now serves as DeWitt's primary method of marketing to out-of-town visitors and clientele.