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CIO Consulting Inc. was founded in 2005 by David Gillhouse. David is an innovative, results-driven IT executive with a strong consulting background and extensive experience in the manufacturing, distribution and e-business fields. CIO Consulting provides IT leadership to businesses and organization in need of senior leadership as well as performers.

“Too often we see IT consultants “directing” the tasks at hand rather than “doing” the tasks at hand,” said Gillhouse. “I wanted CIO Consulting to be known as “do-ers” and the only way to make that happen is to seek out folks that understood both business, IT and also had a dep knowledge of IT and could implement what they recommended. In looking for those types of people, I found Integrated Web Solutions and I knew they would be a good fit to help us get our initial web site off the ground”

Using a web site template found by CIO Consulting, Integrated Web Solutions used that as the basis for the new site reworking it extensively in order to accomplish CIO Consulting’s desires for their new site. “All in all, the template itself was simple and it had the core of what they wanted,” said Integrated web Solutions Creative Director, John Schwarberg. “It was a simple and clean design but as with many templates, it didn’t have the ‘pizazz’ they desired. In talking with David Gillhouse, we decided to expand upon the grid that was central to the design and add in some animation. This gave it some polish and really reflected CIO Consulting’s approach visually in that they ‘zero in’ on issues and problems and provide solutions. It was a great fit in the end.” The web site design and content were finalized within ten days and launched after web hosting services and domain names were registered and established.

“The end result was exactly what we hoped for and more,” said Gillhouse. “IWS has ‘do-ers’. They know the web, They know the realities of it and what can be accomplished . More importantly, they know and understand and recommend what should be accomplished. This is the type of web development company everyone needs.”