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Lewis W Parks Associates was founded in 1998 by Lew Parks who built a successful career grooming the internal capability for several internationally recognized Professional Service firms. Lew held senior level organizational development positions at Arthur Andersen, Andersen Consulting, and American Management Systems. Lew has coached and advised management teams on talent management and development, new growth and business expansion capability requirements, improving team and organizational performance, developing future leaders and managers, and developing and implementing strategies for future growth and change. Today, Lewis W. Parks Associates brings these skills to bear through consulting services, learning and development programs and speaking engagements.

Integrated Web Solutions helped Lewis W. Parks Associates beginning in 2005 with the initial web design for the company. "Initially, Lew built his business through referral," said IWS president, John Schwarberg. "Given his track record of success and demand for his services, this was a terrific start, but like any growing business, Lew recognized that he needed to market effectively in order to ensure that clients and prospects were fully understanding the breadth of his services as well as his own depth of knowledge. This is the hole the web site would be able to fill."

After establishing domain name services and web hosting services. Integrated Web Solutions designed the framework for the new web site and rolled in content provided by the client. IWS also built an information request form for Lewis W. Parks Associates allowing the foundations of an e-mail list to be built. Integrated Web Solutions has been working with Lew since 2005 to perform ongoing updates and expansion to the content of the web site.

"Integrated Web Solutions has been a great asset to me and my business. From day one they told me that keeping my site updated and growing it's content would be crucial to having any online success. Sure enough, the more content I add, the more my clients talk about it and bring me new possibilities. On top of that, my traffic has steadily increased as well. I believe that people are the key to any successful business and IWS provides me the people I need with deep expertise to help me meet my goals," said Lew Parks.