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Axilon Law Group, PLLC was founded by three highly experienced attorneys - Gary Hermann, Dean Hoistad and Tom Singer - each of whom has received Martindale-Hubbell's "AV" rating for legal ability and ethics, the highest possible rating awarded by this nationally recognized, peer-reviewed rating system. Axilon Law Group has been committed to providing superior legal guidance and representation at a reasonable price. Their clients' objectives are their firm's objectives. Axilon Law Group understands that the best possible results are those that enable clients to pursue and achieve their own goals - whether that means winning in court, avoiding litigation by negotiating an appropriate settlement, providing counsel regarding business transactions, and many other legal strategies. Their clients come from virtually every sector of the economy. Axilon Law Group has particular experience in matters relating to the construction, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, professional liability, real estate and transportation industries.

Integrated Web Solutions was approached by Axilon's partners after founding their new firm and creating their new logo. It was felt that since their practices were combining together and they could now service clients state-wide and not just locally, their new web site would be the key to telling that story as well as a hub of information for their potential clients and business associates.

"In Axilon's case, I had a design in mind as soon as we got off the phone initially. I had seen their new logo and the firm really wanted to focus on their state-wide branding. We may have gotten a bit lucky by the fact the shape of Montana provided a nice design element when combined with the logo but showing the beauty of the state and adding in some simple, yet informative animation on the homepage really pulled it all together from a look and feel standpoint," said Integrated Web Solutions creative director John Schwarberg.

The design was quickly approved and the initial web site was built over about a ten day period along. Once domain names were registered and a web site hosting plan put in place, the site was launched.

"We were pleased with how easily it came together and how quick IWS is to respond to our updating requests as well," said Tom Singer, attorney at Axilon Law Group. "I know a tremendous amount about law of course but the learning experience with how the internet and web site marketing works is somewhat new to all of us, in these cases, having the IWS folks helping us sort through some of the myths and promises vs. real concrete things you can do in terms of optimizing for search engines has been a huge help and I'm grateful that we've got IWS to bounce ideas off of from time to time."