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57.7 million Americans suffer a diagnosable mental disorder for which no “objective” clinical laboratory test exists to accurately diagnose their disease. AbaStar MDx Inc. was founded in August 2007 and develops blood-based gene expression, molecular diagnostic tests for the accurate diagnosis of mental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. AbaStar's focus diseases for product tests include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. From a simple blood sample, AbaStar’s gene expression products detect and measure the unique disease-specific gene profile or molecular signature. Determining the molecular signature of a disease from a sample of blood revolutionizes diagnostic technology. For brain disorders, this breakthrough technology enables accurate diagnosis with a laboratory test for the first time. The resultant early detection, patient monitoring, disease progression and effective treatment of these diseases will eliminate medical expenditure waste due to misdiagnoses and expensive trial and error medication treatments.

“Abastar is a very early stage company at this point,” said CEO and Co-Founder Terry Osborn. “ Our patented technologies are quite revolutionary in scope at this point and we needed a web site to begin to tell our story. I had worked with Integrated Web Solutions in the past and I knew they would be a valuable partner to us at this point in terms of being able to move quickly and diligently through the web site building process for us. I also wanted a partner who understood where we were as an organization and could advise us now and well into the future as the company grew and evolved.”

Utilizing existing brand elements, Integrated web Solutions established a new design for AbaStar quickly and the entire web site was completed in just over two weeks. Once a domain name was registered and a web site hosting account was established along with email addresses, the site was launched.

“We enjoy working with early stage companies. It’s fun to watch them grow and see the effects of the web site on that growth,” said Integrated Web Solutions President, John Schwarberg. “AbaStar MDx is doing amazing things right now and it’s exciting to talk to Terry and the rest of his team to hear their passion for what they are doing. The key difference between business that succeed and fail is passion and belief in what you are doing and ultimately AbaStar reflects that and I feel they are going to meet their own goals and ultimately have a tremendous impact on a very broad-reaching issue that affects millions of Americans.”