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Architectural Panel Systems is a full service contractor specializing in architectural cladding systems for a variety of building types. The principals of Architectural Panel Systems have over 65 years of experience in all aspects and types of cladding material. Together they maintain first hand responsibility and involvement to assure all projects are completed on time with the highest level of quality and aesthetics. They believe in a professional approach with an emphasis on service and partnership. APS only works with the highest quality detailers, suppliers and fabricators. To further insure a successful project, Architectural Panel Systems installs panels with our own crews. As a final step, APS hires outside consultants to review shop drawings to confirm the design will exceed the performance requirements for each project.

Integrated Web Solutions was hired by Architectural Panel Systems in 2007 to produce their first web site. "With APS being a new company, I had a lot going on," said Ross Boehmer, President of Architectural Panel Systems. "As badly as I knew we needed a web site, I also needed to build my relationships with my vendors, build my staff, refine my business processes and heck, even get my phones installed. So, I called IWS as I'd worked with them before and I knew that they would be a huge asset to me in terms of getting the web site done on time, done right and done better than I could imagine."

Integrated Web Solutions developed the initial web site design within one week and developed the web site using content provided by Architectural Panel Systems. IWS also helped establish domain name services and web site hosting and e-mail capability for APS. "We've been fortunate enough to know Ross for many years now and when he started Architectural Panel Systems, we knew he had quite a bit on his plate as do all owners of start-ups. We made some initial recommendations ran them by Ross and then simply took the ball and ran with it. This allowed the client to focus on his business and not have to worry about a web designer pestering him constantly for page-by-page input.," said John Schwarberg, Creative Director at Integrated Web Solutions.

"Business has been really great since day one," said Boehmer. "The web site has been a great tool in showing off our capabilities particularly to out-of-town contractors who may not necessarily know who's local and whether they can handle the contractor's needs. We'll continue to expand our own web presence as time goes on. As a matter of fact, I hear from IWS every once in a while with some proactive recommendations on what can be done and more importantly, what should be done."