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CBS Security is a privately owned provider of uniformed security centered in the Chicago area. For over 20 years CBS Security has provided high value security service to some of Chicagoland’s most prestigious educational, retail, medical and private institutions as well as events and festivals.

“It’s funny, you’d think after 15 years of the internet being such a powerful force in business that we would have built our first web site a long time ago. It ends up being one of those “things to do” that you always put off mostly because you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, in our case, I met John Schwarberg and IWS and they walked me through the entire process and really handled everything quickly and easily,” said CBS Security president, Victor Iorfida.

After an initial discussion with Victor Iorfida regarding his needs for a web site as well as some options, Integrated Web Solutions began working from existing print materials to develop a new web site based around new brochures that CBS Security had already developed. A domain name was registered, e-mail addresses were quickly established and a web site hosting plan was created. New content for the site was written and a contact form was put in place. The entire site was conceived, designed and launched within a week.

“I wish I’d have done it sooner. We now have a place to point potential clients and applicants to and now that we have our own domain name, we sure look a lot more ‘real’ to people outside of our organization. I really thought the whole process would take longer but when I was asked to do a final review after only a week, I was pleasantly surprised. In all seriousness, if you own a businessand you’ve been putting off your own web site – don’t.  Call Integrated Web Solutions,” remarked Iorfida.