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Garneau Construction has been a longstanding fixture in the central Illinois masonry contracting business. In 2005, Integrated Web Solutions was contacted to address a common concern amongst contractors – how to show its work completed in a consolidated place for new customers.

“Time and again from contractors and business owners in the construction trade, we hear the same concern. Their customers are looking for ideas and oftentimes showing examples of past work helps to spark those idea and better define a project. The contractors, themselves, do outstanding work and have ideas to bring to the table, but their customers want to see what’s been done and more importantly what can be done. In the case of Garneau Construction the quality of work and the commitment to craftsmanship speaks for itself in both their residential and commercial work. All we needed to do was to make sure that work was shown in its best light,” said, John Schwarberg, president of Integrated Web Solutions.

The completed web site featured a series of photo galleries displaying past work from a wide range of residential and commercial projects, limestone work, fieldstone and patio work and the site itself is being expanded upon constantly to feature newly completed projects.