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For 75 years, Phillips Screw has been synonymous with innovation, quality and leadership. Since the 1930's, when Henry Phillips introduced a new screw to America's manufacturing industries, the Phillips drive system has been the gold standard for efficient fastener technology. The Phillips Screw success story continues, with the issuance of dozens of trademarks and patents, the use of Phillips Screw fastening technology on the space shuttle. Now the general consumer and do-it-yourselfer can have the same advantage as do commercial industries, in products such as floating Phillips head screwdrivers, ratchets, hand tools, Phillips head screw assortments, butane cordless soldering irons, cordless wood burning tools / kits, marine tool kits and other products through our new business unit, Phillips Screw Innovation.

"When Phillips Screw created this new business unit we also elected to utilize the internet and web technologies to announce and market these new innovative products we had created," said Norman Merwise of Phillips Screw. "As a new business unit we were choosing to be cost-conscious in our development and we were referred to Integrated Web Solutions having heard about the great things they had done for other large manufacturers who were selling direct to the public."

Phillips Screw Innovations was looking to implement an all new shopping cart system which would securely take orders online. A relatively simple system was implemented using open source technologies in order to allow the public to purchase any of the new products. "We wanted something that was going to be able to accommodate the 30-40 products they had today but also we needed to keep in mind that this is Phillips Screw and they are always creating new products, as a result, the system we built had to be expandable as this new business unit grew," said Rick Keith, Senior Programmer at Integrated Web Solutions. In order to keep the initial development costs low, we suggested that Phillips use PayPal as their credit card authentication provider. It's a very widely used system and PayPal's security is rock-solid as well."

From a design standpoint, Integrated Web Solutions worked with existing print marketing materials to extend a new brand into the online arena. "Brand is always one of our key considerations," said John Schwarberg, Creative Director at IWS. "It's even more critical when you are working with a new business entity whether it be brand-new, a re-launch, or, in this case, an extension of a time-honored brand."

Since it's June 2008 launch, the Phillips Screw Innovations web site has been experiencing truly remarkable growth. "We are very pleased at the ideas that Integrated Web Solutions brought during the development process and even in an ongoing capacity in terms of marketing the site. It's very rare to have a mix of technical expertise as well as design and marketing savvy. The fact that they couple that with the business sense of helping their clients meet their budgetary and business goals is truly unique," said Norm Merwise.