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Working side-by-side with C-level executives, Stratego Partners applies well-known and respected techniques to identify concrete profit improvement opportunities that increase our client's bottom line. As former CFOs and financial executives, Stratego Partners knows that many consultants promise the world. Stratego is very different from the traditional consultancy. They are passionate about profit improvement, they are respectful of our client's time and resources, they deliver real tangible results and they guaranty our fee.

In 2008, Steven Brown, President of Stratego Parnters contacted Integrated Web Solutions to discuss ideas about creating Stratego's first web site. Stratego had hired Robert Engelman of Engelman Management Group to help them define a marketing strategy and create content for the web site but was looking for a seasoned web design and development team to help make vision a reality.

"I had known Steve Brown and Rob Engleman for a number of years sand certainly respect their knowledge of their fields," said John Schwarberg, President of Integrated Web Solutions. "So to have the opportunity to work with both of them on a project that would ultimately benefit all of us was really a terrific opportunity. It really makes for a better end web site and better long-term results when there is a focused strategy and intent behind the development of a new web site. Engelman Management Group was able to provide Stratego Partners with that guidance and those recommendations. It then becomes our job to take that strategy, enhance it where we can and deliver an outstanding end result." Integrated Web Solutions began by establishing domains and web hosting for Stratego partners and a design was established based on a pre-existing logo and color scheme that Stratego had been using for its corporate communications.

"We spent a good amount of time working with Rob to determine what needed to go into the web site and perhaps more importantly, where things should go. The goal was to provide a pretty sizeable amount of content but do so in such a way as to allow the web site user to find their own way through the content and get to what they wanted," said Schwarberg. Stratego Partners web site was completed in less than a month from start to finish and is now a cornerstone of the client's marketing and public relations efforts.