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CORPAK MedSystems, based in Wheeling, IL, is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative medical devices focused on the enteral feeding and bedside location technology markets. The Company has established the leading market position in premium branded, adult, long-term nasogastric ("NG") feeding tubes and offers a broad portfolio of other high quality, branded enteral products, including gastrostomy feeding tubes, gastric relief devices and enteral feeding safety devices.

Integrated Web Solutions built an online CE Education and Evaluation Program for CORPAK Medsystems in August of 2009. The goal was to allow a select group of users the ability to access an secured area of the company web site through which they could receive online training and eventually be tested on what they learned. Upon a successful completion, users would be granted a certificate.

Later in the same month, IWS was called upon again to recommend, design and build an email marketing tool for CORPAK which would be able to send highly targeted e-mail messages on an ongoing basis to a list of prospects that CORPAK Medsystems had built and was growing. "It was important that the list itself be self-managed, in terms of users being able to unsubscribe themselves but through our extensive ongoing marketing efforts, we also needed the ability to add new names into the list ourselves," said Jill Lazar, Senior Product Manager at CORPAK Medsystems. IWS advised an approach that took the ongoing email marketing efforts outside of the primary CORPAK domain in order to reduce spam concerns that may adversely impact the business operations of CORPAK. The system itself was built in just under a week and is currently being considered for expansion into other uses.

"CORPAK is at a stage in their growth where they are now utilizing the internet in the best ways possible. Training and direct marketing and customer interaction are all phenomenal uses of basic web technologies with the intent of better serving and soliciting feedback from the end users. As our clients us the web more in this manner, their site becomes more than a simple online brochure. It becomes a core portion of their business which, in turn, drives more revenue, reduces costs and improves service. We love to see this type of transformation in our client," said John Schwarberg, president of Integrated Web Solutions.