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Vote Richard Longoria de Voltair


Richard Longoria de Voltair is like many of us. He is angered and appalled by the greed and corruption that is rampant in Illinois politics. He is determined to fight corruption with the same vigor and determination that led to his significant academic success. Richard is a fighter that truly understands the struggles of ordinary people. He has the intelligence and will power to fight the big moneyed interests and stand up for the common person. As a sixteen year resident of Round Lake Park, Round Lake Beach and Grayslake, Voltair understands the community and its needs and he is now embarking on a campaign for election as the Democratic candidate in the 62nd House District for Illinois in 2010.

Voltair contacted Integrated Web Solutions in April of 2009 with the goal of using the internet to share his campaign messages of campaign reform, property tax reform, transportation planning and deficit reduction as well as the preservation of 2nd Amendment rights via the internet through his campaign web site. Using a campaign finance model of soliciting donations from individuals rather than political interest groups, a model that was used with incredible success during Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, Voltair also wanted a secure method of donating to the Illinois Votes Voltair campaign committee.

"Prior to starting Richard Longoria de Voltair's web site, I spent a good amount of time checking out other campaign web sites with the notable exceptions of presidential campaign sites, sites, particularly those for campaigns for state house and senatorial seats were fairly lacking," said John Schwarberg, creative Director for Integrated Web Solutions. "Our goal in this case was to build a more full-featured site that outlined Richard's stance on the issues, the reasons he chose to run at this time and provide an ability for his supporters to interact with the campaign via an e-mail newsletter. They also needed the ability to donate to the campaign in a secure manner. We went to considerable effort, based on Richard's input to ensure that the entire site was also made available in Spanish. Illinois' 62nd District has a large Hispanic population and the issues that Richard speaks of affect that population as well and he hopes to reach out to them during the 2010 election campaign."

Work began quickly on a design for the site that would be extensible as the campaign progresses over the subsequent eighteen months. Content was added in both English and Spanish. The secure donation forms and e-mail list functionality was added along with video capability.

"The web site rocks! I love it," said Voltair. "It is my goal to spread my message that Illinois politics needs change and it is my hope that the web site becomes a cornerstone of those efforts. IWS has provided us with the tools we need to run the campaign we want to run."