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How do you ensure the continuous flow of sales and other positive aspects that your site gives you? Go on with your usual distribution and promotion of your print ads. As with these prints, your site should be updated in order to have people coming back for recent information. It would be a waste of time and a disappointment for them to go to your site to see the latest and get the read the same things that they have read like one or two years ago. If your site is like this, you have just signed an invisible termination of contract of a useful and worthy site.

Update your site from time to time. Give your readers the latest and not the latest some years back. Having readers read outdated information will not win you any points. There is also a possibility that these people would never try to visit your site again after getting that impression. From the time you started your site, you should have been aware of the responsibility that comes with it. Sites are cheaper than any reading materials that you need to send on a time basis. Think about it, cost-effective and very accessible. Give the readers what they need and update your site.

Put reference section where you can note things like the recent changes you have made in your site. This lets people know that your site is being maintained. Nothing like a good reminder every now and then for people who are too status-conscious.

Remove outdated pages but make them still accessible for those who may need to go back to old information. This information not only becomes little of use also can be confusing. Removing them often would be wiser than having them pile up and taking so much of your site space and making you pay much more. Why continue to confuse and anger the people by giving them this information when you can give them far better things than that?

Check the search engines constantly if your site is still as accessible as before. Check also if people are finding it easy to search for your site in these engines. There are some search engines that uses meta tags that holds keywords and description of your site for easy access. You could try writing a page that explains your company, what it does; its services and other resources you offer. Different search engines have different preferences in the way your sites should be displayed. There are those who prefer meta tags and those that choose content page.

A site that can change, evolve, and grows is a definite candidate for the kind of site that people keep coming back for more.

About The Author
Florie Lyn Masarate got a flair for reading and writing when she got her first subscription of the school newsletter in kindergarten. She had her first article published on that same newsletter in the third grade.