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DAILY DEALS.NET is the perfect website for online bargain hunters. Powered by Integrated Web Solutions client, Chicago Liquidators, was launched with years of online selling experience, great customer service, and access to hundreds of products. Their goal and plan was simple, bring the site visitor one item a day, every day, at the lowest price available online! A new deal every day!

Integrated Web Solutions began working with President Chris Matsakis in March of 2009 to build his vision. “Integrated Web Solutions has, for years, provided me with the expertise and know-how that I’ve needed in terms of web-enabling my business goals and objectives. When was first conceived and planning was underway, there was no doubt in my mind that IWS would be able to turn business planning and goals into reality,” said Matsakis.

After establishing the web hosting services through IWS Hosting, IWS began working closely with Chris Matsakis and his web design team to develop the core functionality of the web site. The entire site was finalized and brought online within two weeks. Integrated Web Solutions also tied in the new site with existing back-end functionality for order processing and fulfillment.

“The response to the web site has been really overwhelming so far,” said John Schwarberg, President of Integrated Web Solutions. “As much as we would love to take credit for that the bottom line is that a business plan with strong fundamentals and well thought-out goals is almost always going to find a welcoming market on the internet and that was certainly the case with The fact that Chris was leveraging and extending core business functionality that he had in place with Chicago Liquidators allowed this site to ramp up very quickly and seamlessly. We’re very proud to be associated with and strong business minds like Chris Matsakis.