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Analysts, Inc.


Acknowledged as the leader in oil analysis since 1960, Analysts, Inc. furnishes diagnostic evaluations and maintenance solutions for industrial production machinery and for equipment used in power generation, HVAC, and mobile fleets. An independent analytical testing organization, Analysts operates five regional laboratories in the U.S., plus, one lab in Tokyo, Japan. Together they provide the highest quality and services available in oil and fluids analysis.

Integrated Web Solutions began working with Analysts in 2001 on the development of Analysts Online, a web-based application providing analysis reporting to end customers and distributors. Launched in the fall of 2001, Analysts Online is now serving over 1,000 customers by delivering custom reporting from an Oracle database. Search functionality is provided through the use of a custom-developed Java and JSP code and presented to end users through the use of style sheets customized for the end user.

In January 2003, Analysts, Inc. president Michael Forgeron contacted Integrated Web Solutions to redesign and expand their existing web site. "Our site was doing well but we felt it could do better. We were ready to do a major marketing push throughout 2003 and we needed the web site to be part of that. We have a good relationship with IWS. They had done outstanding work for us and our clients plus they knew our business," said Forgeron.

IWS set out to revamp the web site graphics, improve site navigation and develop more sophisticated user tracking which would allow Analysts to better understand their customer needs, and behavior so that marketing dollars could be spent more wisely. "We revamped everything from the content and graphics on down to the allowing users to dynamically find their sales and technical contacts. Branding was very important and had to be pervasive so we provided HTML formatting throughout all the forms and feedback delivered to users throughout the site as well," said John Schwarberg, creative director for IWS.

"IWS has been a strong addition to the Analysts team in terms of the way they work with our staff. They bring us fresh ideas and help us refine our own ideas. We have significantly increased web site visitors each month with the redesign, it's been very good for our marketing efforts this year," said Forgeron.