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Quality Fleet Services


Quality Fleet Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated company providing onsite and preventative maintenance services to truck drivers and fleet owners in the Chicago area. Their commitment to quality and service is backed by their 90 day guarantee. They keep records of all of their customers vehicles and their preventative maintenance programs save customers immeasurable costs by helping them avoid vehicle downtime.

“The whole idea of putting a web site together for Quality Fleet Services was something I'd been dreading," said QFS's president, Anthony Antonson. "I know fleet service. I know business operations. I know parts. I know DOT inspections and I know how to service customers but web sites? That was something else. Thankfully, I knew Integrated Web Solutions and all it took was two e-mails and a 5 minute phone call and the process of getting ourselves online for the first time was off and running. Most importantly, it was going in the right direction and my fears in regards to what it might cost evaporated."

After a review of the marketing materials Quality Fleet Services already had, Integrated Web Solutions set about to extend the look that had been established. "I do enjoy doing automotive types of sites," said John Schwarberg, president of Integrated Web Solutions. "Generally speaking, you can use bold colors and really show a lot of movement but you do have to temper that by making sure the site is true to its purpose by making the basics quickly and readily available to a user who may be seeking out QFS for the first time and may not know anything about what they do." After registering a domain name and setting up web site hosting, the new web site was launched in less than a week from initial client contact.

“IWS did a great job. Everyone I know is hearing the praises of Integrated Web Solutions and what a great job they did on our web site,” said Antonson.