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Carlson Business Media (CBM) continues to grow exponentially in delivering an incredible return on both B2B and B2C marketing dollar investment through their targeted Opt-In E-mail marketing Business Development/Brand Awareness, Building campaigns as well as totally trackable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs.

CBM's founder, Martin Carlson and IWS first began collaborating in November, 2002. "The overwhelming power of interactive media is undeniable and unstoppable. It's changing the face of marketing via immediate customer interface, cost effectiveness and trackability of results. Interactive is in it's beginning stage and many marketers still aren't fully aware how it works and the superior returns it produces. We needed our web site to help get our message out and educate the market." said Carlson.

IWS integrated the look and feel of existing print marketing materials with that of today's visual electronic media (TV, etc.) to develop the look of the web site. Links to case studies and a client contact form were also created along with significant amounts of client education material.

"IWS knows what it's doing. They consistently answer questions I have for myself and for my clients. The website is an invaluable sales tool and a central point of reference in my marketing strategy. Plus, it's been able to help me close business. Businesses need to realize that their website is the 21st Century version of their sales brochure. The more qualified traffic you drive to your site, the greater your business' exposure and... the greater your chance for increased sales and market share. Additionally, one of the many outstanding features of using your site as your brochure is that it can be updated as your needs dictate (new product developments, etc)... without having to go to the printer and incurring the high expense of production and a print run," said Carlson.

Carlson Business Media's (CBM) web site has received over 1000 visitors in its first six months of operation.