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The latest development in the field of hosting is MYSQL hosting. MySQL is the free database which can be downloaded on a computer and is used worldwide to host database where the web host does not provide a separate database to the users. MySQL database server is an open source database that can be added to any PHP or ASP.Net based hosting services. MySQL database is one of the fastest and easy to use databases available to the user today. Although MySQL is a free software but one needs to pay for its maintenance and rent of the web space hired to the hosting provider.

The websites that require keeping a large amount of information to be stored for effective working of their websites prefer to have a separate MySQL database. In websites used for personal use like blogging, etc. one does not require to keep a separate database. Database provided by the web host is enough for such works.

The advantages of having a MySQL database are many. Since there is no license required to install MySQL one only needs to pay for maintenance and web space unlike in other applications where one needs to pay for license as well. MySQL works with almost all the web programming that an user might be using. This makes it user friendly along with being cost effective. Along with the installation of MySQL the user gets features like easy to use admin guide and database wizards which help the user to use the applications more effectively. With the help of admin guide one can easily edit and log in things in their database. Wizards help to create tables on the fly and load data in them with no effort at all. One does not require writing complex queries in order to manage their MySQL account.

The only disadvantage in using MySQL is that one does not get dedicated support here. Since it is free, one does not have anybody responsible for the issues. They require seeking solutions through developer communities or forums.

Despite a minor limitation, MySQL is a popular choice among users.

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