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Doug Braithwaite


UK-based artist Doug Braithwaite's long career in comics began in the 80s with his first work for Marvel UK on the long-running series, Action Force. Since then, he has become a fixture on the comics scene and now works on the Earth X and Paradise X books for Marvel Comics, one of the best-selling comics in the industry today.

Sal Abbinanti, Doug's art representative, came to Integrated Web Solutions in November of 2001 with the desire of creating a web site for Doug that would showcase original art and help Doug establish a larger fan base as well as connect directly with his existing fan base here in the United States and around the world.

"Doug's artwork just gets better and better every year. As I spend time at industry conventions talking with fans and connecting with other industry professionals, the public sees that and his original artwork is in great demand." said Sal Abbinanti. "We needed to capitalize on some of that demand by creating a vehicle in which Doug's artwork could be seen but we also wanted to be able to keep Doug closer to his fans by providing them with previews of upcoming books and projects. The web was perfect for this since comics are a global medium."

From a creative standpoint, IWS wanted to showcase the artwork and show the breadth of characters that Doug has worked on through his long career. Creating an ensemble piece for the homepage that showcased some of those characters and artistic styles worked perfectly.

"I knew IWS would not only get the job done but they would help me work through the proper creative direction as well as leverage Doug's strengths to build a site that would not only make Doug and I happy but impress the fans and the industry at large." said Sal.

Launched in December of 2001, site traffic grew very quickly and Doug's site has received over 30,000 visitors in his first three years of operation.