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Wilson Tortosa


Philippine-born Wilson Tortosa has burst onto the comic art scene recently with the American re-launch of the Battle of the Planets license. In February of 2003, Sal Abbinanti became the new artist representative for Tortosa and needed to establish a fan base here in the United States for Wilson's artwork.

"Wilson started out a relative unknown here in the States outside of the rabid base of Battle of the Planets fans." said Sal. "I felt we could establish a market here through a grassroots-type of web presence. The goal was to keep it simple and promote it heavily."

IWS established Tortosa's web site with images from the first two best-selling issues of Top Cow Comics' Battle of the Planets and following quickly with an e-mail blast to a subset of nearly 1,000 opt-in e-mail addresses.

"Within three days of launch, we'd seen an unprecedented swarm of fans and right away we sold quite a few pieces of Wilson's art. The e-mail blast was unbelievable - we got a 14.5% response rate within 72 hours. I challenge anyone to find me a more effective and immediate advertising medium than that" said Sal.

Launched in March of 2003, Wilson Tortosa’s web site has already received over 15,000 visitors in less than two years of operation.