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Sam Abbinanti -


The pride of USC, Sam Abbinanti has made a name for himself in the comics industry as one of the darkest artists in the business. His grim and gritty style influenced by the comics artists of the 1970s has made him a favorite of fans worldwide.

In the spring of 2002, Sam approached Integrated Web Solutions to rework his web site with an eye towards utilizing it as a testing and preview site for his upcoming stint as creative director with internet-based Mercury Comics.

"I had had a site since 1997 but, frankly, it had grown a bit stale and knowing I have a lot of exciting things happening throughout 2002, I wanted to update my look and feel for my fans." said Sam Abbinanti. "I had known for years what I really wanted out of the design of my web site. I wanted to capture that same dynamism that was present on all those great 60s and 70s comic book covers that I grew up with. I put that excitement into my art and to not have my web site reflect that had been bothering me for years. IWS nailed the look I wanted right off the bat."

IWS used a combination of HTML and JavaScript randomly rotate through both classic and new artwork from Sam. Not only was IWS careful to include Sam's classic artwork but we also wanted to feature some of his new artwork.

"I intend to use my web site as a sort of proving ground showing a number of sketches from some upcoming projects. I've got great fans who won't be shy about giving me their opinions. So by utilizing the web, I can hone in on the type of characters, artwork and stories that the fans really want from Mercury Comics. IWS featured that artwork and I've already gotten a ton of great feedback." said Sam.

Sam Abbinanti's web site now receives over 600 unique visitors each month.