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Sal Abbinanti started Comic Book Pros over nine years ago and has quickly established himself as one of the world's foremost artist representatives by establishing a stable of the comic's industries finest artists such as: Alex Ross, Bill Sienkiewicz, Simone Bianchi, Mark Texiera, Adam Hughes, Gary Gianni, Angel Medina and Jill Thompson. Sal's relationship with IWS began in 2001.

"We had just re-launched our main site, and I had just picked up two new artists. It was time to revamp a number of the existing artists sites and I wanted to expand the functionality of an already great site in," said Sal. “IWS provided us with some initial reworking of the various artists sites and a major overhaul of the Comic Book Pros portal web site as well. In time, as the sites continued to grow and as we brought on more and more artists, we were dealing with hundreds of galleries and literally thousands upon thousands of images. IWS approached me with the idea of tying all of the individual sites together within a common framework, databasing all of the images and the news functions of each of the sites and retooling the way we operated all of our online operations. With the 2007 relaunch of the web site, our overall maintenance and upkeep costs are a fraction of what they were and would have been had we continued things as is. More importantly we are able to more quickly get updates on the sites and serve our customers better. Without IWS and their knowledge of my business, the technology and the industry in general, we’d still be in the dark ages.

Over the past several years, IWS has implemented a phased approach to development; rolling out additional functionality on the existing web site including the databasing of all image galleries and pricing, the creation of a backend administration system for both artwork updating, an opt-in e-mail list functionality for fans to receive news and updates, the addition of downloadable wallpapers and searchable content.

"Comic Book Pros, as a web site has far surpassed my expectations over the years since I began working with IWS. They've taken my vision and improved upon it with their technical expertise and fresh ideas. Artistically, some of the things that they've done with the wallpaper images are unbelievable. From a business perspective, the work they've done with our mailing list and the results that has achieved is spectacular." said Sal. site traffic has been steadily increasing since launch, expanding to more than ten times the traffic it had just six years ago.