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Jason Industrial


Jason Industrial Inc. is a leading supplier of power transmission belts, pulleys, industrial hose and couplings. Ten strategically located warehouses in North America service their distribution network. These warehouses are supported with location in Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela.

Chris Sutter, Jason's Marketing Services Manager, approached Integrated Web Solutions in September of 2002 to assist them in resurrecting the corporate web site. "We had built the web site about 3-4 years ago and since that time we had essentially let it languish," Sutter says. "Our goal was to quickly make a number of revisions to the content and learn how to maintain the web site ourselves internally."

"IWS came in and began training us in HTML coding, as well as the use of Photoshop and FTP tools," he adds. "Within a few hours, I was up and running and making changes on my own. However, we quickly found out that the original code on the site proved itself a problem."

"The HTML code was in dire need of a site-wide clean-up," said John Schwarberg, creative director of Integrated Web Solutions. "We were seeing HTML files that in some cases were 60k or more that we could easily reduce down to 5k with absolutely no effect on the page itself. Most of the code was poorly written and there was quite a bit of superfluous elements. While that, in and of itself, isn't bad, it greatly slows download time and slow page downloads are the single biggest reason visitors leave a web site. I became concerned that Jason could have lost dozens of sales leads over the last couple of years through this one simple, but significant flaw."

"The HTML throughout the site was recoded, images were recompressed and pages began to load as much as twelve times faster," Schwarberg adds. "Besides the primary goal of improving download speeds, having clean code makes things much easier for a client with a beginning skill set to maintain their site independently. They get to learn the correct way to do things rather than be forced into working around kludges and coding flaws."

"IWS proved itself a crucial element in us getting our web site to exactly where we wanted it to be," Sutter concludes. "They were quick, efficient and unlike other web design companies, their primary focus is always on business return for their client. "Where and how will we receive leads and client contacts?" Now, we're positioned to handle web site maintenance on our own, and know that the folks at IWS will always be there for us in a time of need. I could not be happier than I am now with the vast improvement I've seen in our site. I owe it all to IWS."