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Gene Express, Inc.


Gene Express, Inc. is a commercial stage, genomic biotech company that has developed and sells the next-generation, patented, platform technology, providing standardized, quantitative, multi-gene expression measurement (StaRT-PCRTM). Three patents have been issued and six are pending. International patents have been granted. Gene Express provides standardized expression measurement tests for 700 genes (and this number of assays is growing). It is the only method that provides standardized measurement of gene expression. This can assist (a) academic institutions with genomic research, (b) pharmaceutical and biotech companies with new drug development, (c) clinical diagnostic companies with development of molecular diagnostic tests for cancers, infectious diseases and other diseases and (d) the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security with detection of biohazardous materials.

In addition, based on this platform technology and some of the 700 gene assays, the company has developed four highly accurate, molecular diagnostic tests for the detection and treatment of lung cancer (patents pending) and is developing additional molecular diagnostic tests. One of the tests is in a multi-site clinical test funded by the National Cancer Institute and involving Medical College of Ohio, New York University, The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the University of Pittsburgh. Gene Express is providing pharmacogenomic assistance to pharmaceutical companies in the development and clinical testing of new therapeutic drugs.

Gene Express Chief Financial Officer, Jim Hodges contact Integrated Web Solutions in December of 2003 with the desire of rebuilding his company’s web site and utilizing it as a informative tool for informing potential customers and others. “We found that many of the folks we talked to were quick to understand the concept of our technology. That led to other questions, thoughts and ideas. We wanted a web site that could present many of the whitepapers we had developed on our technology and comment on the results we were seeing, how they could be applied and of course, how we could assist clients,” said Hodges. “Any new technology company has to spend substantial time educating the marketplace. We wanted a web site that could help us with that responsibility.”

IWS first set about creating a new, more robust hosting environment for Gene Express and developing a site design that was both easy to navigate and news-oriented in it’s design approach. Through the development process, IWS added over 350% more content to the site, most of it being educational. Furthermore, IWS developed an online method whereby clients could send Gene Express an RFQ based on their own unique needs.

“The new site is presented us in the professional manner and we are having more success because of it. IWS was great to work with. They brought expertise to the table, advice and a legitimate concern for our success, which was refreshing,” said Hodges.

Launched in January of 2004, Gene Express’s web site has received nearly 20,000 visitors. More importantly, the visitors are spending considerable time on the web site visiting an astounding average of nine pages per visit. Nearly double what was originally anticipated for a web site of this nature.