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In what can clearly be defined as a defining day in Integrated Web Solutions history, the IWS team was contacted in March 2004 by the legendary Santa Claus himself and subsequently tasked with the all-important responsibility of being the official web site consultants of Santa Claus.

“Considering how long I’ve been in this business, I figured it was about time that I had a proper web site,” laughed Santa. “The folks at IWS have been on my ‘nice’ list for a while so I figured I’d give them first crack at it and boy, did they wow me.”

“It is intimidating when you’re working for a client that’s this big and on a site of this importance,” admitted IWS Creative Director, John Schwarberg. “And although Santa is known in many ways throughout the world, we felt that the best way to start was by capturing that nice, old-fashioned Coca-Cola, Bavarian look that everybody identifies with Santa.”

IWS began by establishing web site hosting capabilities and e-mail for Santa and all of his elves through IWS Hosting. After adding photo galleries, contact forms and an online store, IWS felt that things were ready for Christmas Eve.

“Santa is going to be quite busy this December answering letters from children and attending parties and events, thanks to the work done and the results we’re getting from our new web site,” said Santa. “IWS has my jingle bell ringing endorsement as the official web site consultants for Santa Claus. Anyone who doesn’t believe that just might end up with a lump of coal in his or her stocking – ho, ho, ho!”