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By now, you’ve probably heard it all: Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Viral Video, Online Reputation Management, Web Analytics. If you’ve not heard about it, these current buzzwords may sound like harbingers of doom and you may be feeling more and more behind the internet marketing curve than ever before. Talk to any internet marketer and you’re likely to hear that your chances of success are likely to be minimal without them.

Integrated Web Solutions will be amongst the first web companies to tell you that, in truth, your web site does not necessarily need any or all of these things to be successful. In fact, we’ll also be happy to tell you dozens of horror stories of companies who jumped on these bandwagons only to end up in worse shape than they were when they started. Internet marketing is nothing more than common sense marketing. Businesses thrived on good marketing of good products and services for decades prior to the invention of the internet. That being said, the web has opened up many new avenues and tools that a savvy marketer could utilize to great effect. Ultimately, it comes down to establishing a good understanding of these new tools, selecting the tools that one feels they can be consistent and effective with and then incorporating the use of these tools into daily business practice. Internet marketing success is not about ‘using’ one or more of these buzzwords, it’s about incorporating them into the daily workflow, making them part of business practice.

Over the years, we’ve advised scores of clients on how to incorporate ongoing marketing initiatives into their business practices. Sometimes this is as simple as using traditional client communication methods (invoices, business cards, direct mail, print advertising) to drive traffic to the web. In other cases, we’ve led client success by establishing e-mail campaigns and list management. In nearly every case, we advise success through simple business metrics and persistent efforts. The tools that are out there are simply that – tools.

If your online presence is underperforming or maybe you simply want more, contact us, let us help you find your way through a jungle of buzzwords and get down to what’s important, marketing results.

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