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We believe we do business differently, and so do our clients. Our business philosophies are more than simple mission statements and goals, they are truly the cornerstone of every decision we make. We hire our staff and our vendors based on these principles. We firmly believe that these philosophies result in the areas that matter the most - customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and customer success. And that's why we started our own business in the first place.

Deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

Our commitment to customer service has resulted in a 100% on-time, on-budget delivery ratio unmatched by other web site development companies. Most of our projects are performed on a fixed bid at rates that are typically a fraction of what our clients had been quoted by other companies. We believe in setting expectations and then exceeding expectations. It's the way we expect to be treated by our vendors and it's the way we do business.

Only Build Those Things That Can Provide Return On Investment.

Every year, new technologies are brought into the public’s eye. At times, they are flashy, at times they promise significant returns. Integrated Web Solutions works within the realms of practicality and business return. Our goal is to help you meet both your short-term budgetary goals as well as your long-term business goals.

It’s easy to find web development companies who promise you tremendous results by using the latest internet fads. But in truth, while every technology has its place and purpose, technology is not a ‘be all, end all’ solution. It’s a tool for improving your business

We've been building web solutions since 1993 - the beginning of the 'internet age'. We understand that it's our responsibility to consistently offer our clients ideas, solutions and strategies. We do this before a project, during and after a project. This philosophy has resulted in extraordinarily high client retention and clients that view us as an indispensible partner in their online success. Furthermore, it's led to over 93% of our new clients being referrals from existing clients.

Deliver measurable outstanding results.

On average, our clients see a return of three to four times their initial investment either in new business or cost savings. This isn't an accident. We strive to help you plan and create solutions that deliver these types of superior results. If we don't believe we can deliver these types of results, we will advise you of that and not further solicit your business. Your long-term success is in our best interests and we desire to be an ongoing partner in your business' development. We recognize that our success in achieving that goal is predicated on our continuing ability to surpass your expectations.

Provide complete solutions. In addition to our unique unmatched consulting services, Integrated Web Solutions offers superior web site hosting solutions through its subsidiary, IWS Hosting. IWS Hosting’s web servers are located throughout the United States and since its inception, IWS Hosting has been one of the fastest growing web site hosting companies in the world.

IWS Hosting will tailor and recommend hosting packages that are right for you and your web site, from small web hosting accounts on shared web servers to multiple dedicated web servers there is no web hosting concern that we’ve not addressed. And as an eNom partner, our domain registration and renewal services are amongst the most inexpensive and most conscientious available. Our support is unrivaled in that we have provided and will continue to provide personal web service. We do not use call centers and your web hosting support questions are answered by a very small team of highly experienced web developers and senior systems administrators. This continuity of service by a redundant team of professionals ensures that your support is diligent and lingering problems do not persist. All of this is done at a fraction of the price of the ‘major’ hosting services providers.

Be there.

Ask our clients why IWS is different and you'll probably hear that it's our unique practical approach, our depth and breadth of knowledge and our tendency to treat our clients budgets as if they were our own. In some cases that simply means that we're available to answer a phone call or an e-mail. In other cases, it means that we will take the time to understand our clients’ needs and assess the viability of a project on their behalf. We also believe it's because we're there to act as a sounding board for new ideas or new approaches to the clients' marketplace.

We have to earn your business and we're confident that we will.

Our confidence is based on simple hard facts:

#1) IWS provides superior service and superior results at rates that are a fraction of other major web development firms costs. In some cases we are aware of our pricing being less than 40% of the competitions' bid.

#2) Over 93% of all of our new business comes from referrals from existing clients. Our work sells itself.

#3) Over the past five years, our client base has more than quadrupled and we now enjoy an active client roster of over 500 clients worldwide.

#4) We are so confident in our service, we don't provide references. After all, any business could satisfy three clients. Instead we encourage potential clients to pick any three sites from our portfolio and we'll provide contact names for them. After all, we believe that our best salespeople are our own clients.

#5) We are the best there is at what we do. We believe that. And really, would you want to do business with anyone who didn't believe that?